Meet Julia; Meet Meg; then, Meet How We Met (Are you sick of that word yet?)

Jun 16, 2018

Let’s just cut to the chase.


So, there’s Julia…

Julia Murray launched Julia Fay Photography as a side hustle to make a buck during college. Fast forward five years – she’s photographed close to one hundred weddings across North and South Carolina AND she’s helped hundreds of small business owners stand out with unique, visual content.

She drinks coffee with cream and uses a very specific voice for her Insta-stories. (Now you’ll listen for it.) 


…and then there’s Meg.

Meg Seitz is  your quintessential English major – who also has an MBA. (Not normal.) She’s the Founder & Managing Creative Partner at toth shop, a content creation & strategy agency. toth shop was an unnamed side hustle for approximately two years before Meg took it full-time in February 2015. Since then, she’s worked with hundreds of companies, businesses, brands, humans to bring artistry to business and business to artistry.  

She drinks coffee black and almost always with a straw. She’s watched The Godfather series more times than she can count.  


How we know each other…

Simply put: Hygge Coworking. Period

Meg joined Hygge the first week it opened back in Novemeber 2015 when it was literally just Garrett and Kayla sitting at a card table. She was a Flex member for a year before she committed to office space at Hygge Third Ward on Hill Street. As a Flex member, Julia is the quintessential Hygge hopper, bouncing between any and all Hygge locations – sometimes all in one day.

In 2017, the two teamed up to write about and photograph members of the Hygge community that year; now – they’ve written close to 80. When they reach 100, they think it’s fair to ask for a cake (Suarez Bakery, Garrett) just like when a television show reaches 100 episodes.  

Then, in the summer of 2017,  we partnered on a series of wedding photography sessions paired with love stories.

Then, in March 2018, we teamed up with The Wed Clique to offer a branding for wedding professionals.

Then, just this month (it’s June 2018, y’all), we created a branding intervention powered by Hygge Coworking for people, businesses and brands who were too stuck in the weeds to think about branding.

What’s next. Good question – what would you like to see?


FUN FACT: Julia and Meg photographed and wrote about probably 10 people (like, the same 10 people) separately before they ever even met.



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