Meet Our Power Moves (Kapow!)

Jun 16, 2018

toth + fay was strategically formed and built by a very well-refined, formulated business methodology that’s been both well-researched and studied.


That theory?


Two heads are better than one. (Duh.)


Seriously,  yins and y’all – that’s it.


Quite seriously though – running your own business is one of the loneliest experiences that no one ever talks about. You’re the beginning of the line – and the end of the line. You’re visionary – decision maker. You’re sales, operations, IT, doer-of-the-work, and then Accounts Payable.

So, when we teamed up on a couple small projects – it felt like a vacation. You mean it’s not just me? You mean there’s someone else in all this? Yes. < insert sign of relief. > 

When we teamed up, not only did our wild, weird, wonderful personalities team up – but our respective plays did, too.


Julia is all about: 

  • Making people feel cool, calm and collected; taken care of and comfortable
  • Setting people up to be themselves in front of the camera
  • Seeing the bigger picture – and the details (all at the same time) 
  • Understanding how the visual can support the copy – and vice versa


Meg is all about: 

  • Thinking through how we can tell this story distinctly different 
  • Asking real questions that lovingly dig into who someone is, what they care about, and why
  • Seeing the untapped potential and possible strategy for someone 
  • Understanding how the copy can support the visual – and vice versa


So, where do we align? Easy. 

  • We laugh at ourselves constantly.
  • We laugh at each other constantly.
  • We use paper calendars, pens, and pencils – as well as high-tech technology. 
  • We’re in constant communication via email, text, SLACK, and walkie talkies. 
  • We’re both 7s on the Enneagram which means we’re both natural enthusiasts – busy, playful, optimstic, versatile and scattered adventurers.


Most importantly though? We both see possibility in and for absolutely every human we’ve ever worked with. Nothing else really, truly matters to us. 



FUN FACT: The picture above was taken by Jack Brayboy, former news producer and anchor with WPVI-TV in Philadelphia and WSOC-TV in Charlotte.  He’s interviewed everyone from Reverend Billy Graham to Mike Tyson.



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