Who are you people? What is all this? Why are we doing this? (Is that ranch dressing?)

Jun 16, 2018

Truth: We’ve been unofficially/officially mulling over the idea of toth + fay for awhile now.

We collaborate weekly (daily, really) on the writing and photography for Hygge Coworking’s blog; we’ve been doing that actively and enthusiastically for 1.5 years now. Then, last summer, we partnered on a pop-up series where we paired together Julia’s wedding photography with each respective couple’s love story penned by Meg. (It all started with Shannon and Tracy.) 


It worked. And – most importantly – it was fun.


Icing on the cake? It was making a real difference to people and their respective lives. 


With all that said, this isn’t about coming together to build another business – that’s the last thing we busy entrepreneurs want to do.


toth + fay is about coming together to create fresh value for people we appreciate, support, and admire.


Meg will sometimes call people like this gold mines; they’re seemingly normal people who have these fantastic careers, experiences, stories, lives – and no one knows it or them. That’s not right. That’s undiscovered gold, people. Your gold mine; your gold. It’s time to own it. And we’re help to support. 


We formed toth + fay to help bring it outta ya – and help you tell the world with our effective, easy, and damn fun way.


toth + fay is the beautiful by-product of our two respective businesses – toth shop and Julia Fay Photography. Both businesses are thriving. Nothing is changing within either. toth + fay is a sister business to both. It’s equally as powerful; and we love and respect it just as much as our own respective businesses. Now though – we’ve got twice the brain power, perspective, and experience in one place. #worlddomination  


Here’s the deal – Julia has photographed thousands of humans over the last five years; Meg’s has been branding people, places, ideas, experiences for close to seven years. Combining our value was our own undiscovered gold mine and gold. 


We can’t ask you to do for yourself what we haven’t yet done for ourselves.   




a) toth is Meg’s middle name – it’s Hungarian, and a common name in Hungary meaning “Slav” and later “Slovak” in old Hungarian. It was her great-grandmother’s maiden name.

b) fay is Julia’s middle name; it’s short for Lafayette – her great-grandfather’s name. So, what’s the base word – Fayette – mean? Little fairy. < Insert magic wand here.



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