3.5 Reasons to Hire a Branding Photographer

Jul 31, 2018

Look, hiring a brand photographer ain’t any more complicated than this – we want you to look as good as you already are. This isn’t about super staging or heavy make-up. This is about you, being you. And showing THAT to the world. That’s IT.  

If you’re not 100% sold yet, here are 3.5 additional reasons to hire a branding photographer, like – for example, oh, I don’t know – Julia Murray. (Just throwing a name out there, ya know…)

Consistency is king. Have you ever seen a company’s website, and then their social media, and it’s just, like, all over the place – different types of graphics, images, lighting, content. The official term for that is HOT MESS. So, questionforyou – how often do you willing spend money on a business or brand that’s a hot mess? Probably close to never. The more consistent you are with your imagery, the more you educate a consistent message to your followers, fans, and – ta da! – future customers. You control your messaging, and consistent imagery is absolutely a part of that conversation.

Stand out from the crowd. It’s real simple, y’all – you notice a pretty picture way before you notice a badly-lit, off-brand picture, yes? You’ll stand out from the crowd when you share, post, promote beautiful, strong, professional and on-brand-for-you images.

Cross it off your to-do list. When you have a branding photographer in your Rolodex, that means this – one less thing on your to-do list. I mean, that’s priceless these days. No more getting to the end of that event, and thinking ‘Shit, I forgot to take pictures…’ or putting off those team photos off until next year because you just haven’t had time to call around and find a one-hit-wonder photographer. It’s one less thing for you to worry about doing yourself.

Ya just feel more legit. So, I think the official word for ‘legit’ in this situation is confidence. Brand photography is a confidence thing. You feel more confident as a company, business, brand when your pictures feel more legit and confident.



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