3.5 Reasons to Hire a Brand Strategist

Aug 7, 2018

Funny enough – Hiring a brand strategist isn’t all that much different than hiring a brand photographer.

Photographers and brand strategists are similar in one-big-very-obvious way which is not to be underestimated – he or she is an objective third party who wants you to stand out from the crowd for exactly who you are. They’re in your corner from day one; and when they work together it’s, like, a one-two punch.

What’s great, too, is that brand strategists are also different for some quirky, fun reasons, too.

Like these:

They see things. A brand strategist is the quintessential objective third party who can and will see things in your business that you’re just too close to see. Those types of things can range from the the gold nuggets that you haven’t leveraged yet or the content that’s just damn boring. As well – if we’re talking long-game – a brand strategist will oftentimes see not only opportunities and possibilities, but also roads not worth traveling which will always save you time, money, and energy.

They’re great big picture thinkers. A lot of brand strategists are good at seeing not only the big picture, but also the long game. They’re superpower is walking into a meeting of micro-managers and breaking it up to say things like ‘How’s this impact the brand as a whole?’ or ‘What will this look like one year from today?’ (Gut check: If you’re currently stuck in the weeds or can’t see the forest for the trees, you need a brand strategist.)

They understand that branding is a conversation between visual and verbal. Piggy-backing off the big picture concept, brand strategists understand that a brand is a combination of a lot of things working together beautifully. A brand is visual and it’s verbal – it’s tagline and logo; it’s picture and caption; it’s b-roll footage and voice over. He or she totally gets that visual and verbal enhance, support, and reveal each other.

Branding should feel like a confidence boost. Which means that your brand strategist should be serving as your biggest cheerleader, champion, supporter, truth teller. Her job is to help you see what’s awesome about who you are and what you do, so you can do more of that, more often.



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