Why Your Side Hustle Needs Some Branding

Aug 14, 2018

Side hustles are funny things because they can be so agile. We can dial them up or dial them back at, really, any point in time.

Sometimes we’re good keeping them as our evening or weekend passion projects. It keeps us creative – or maybe just sane – when our 9-5 life is spinning out of control. It makes us our Christmas or vacation spending money. And we’re good with that.

Other times, we’re building and driving and pushing the side hustle so that one day it’ll make enough money to support us full-time.

Wherever you are with your side hustle, here’s some truth – it’s a brand. Your brand.

And it needs just as much branding – sometimes even more so – as the Nikes or Jeni’s of the world.

And here’s why.

At the end of the day, your side hustle has got to sell. That’s why it’s a side hustle, right? You want to make some money off of it, right?

And in order to sell to customers, the world needs to see and to feel your side hustle as a relevant, trusted, quality brand. You don’t buy from any other type of brand, do you?

Here are three quick questions to think about for the brand of your side hustle; make some adjustments this week, and then, join us on Saturday, August 25 for a branding intervention designed specifically for you and your side hustle.

  1. Is it clear what you sell or do? As best as you can, work your product or service offering down to just one smart, crisp, clear sentence. And then, put that sentence everywhere your brand is – your website, your social media profile, your business card, your language when you’re talking to people. You must tell people what you do or what you sell in one easy way. And that must be the same message, everywhere. Otherwise, you’re confusing. And when was the last time you bought from a brand that was confused about who they are? (Probably never.)  
  2. Is your social media a hot mess? A lot of side hustles sell or market on social media these days. That totally makes sense. You should. Unless you’re paying for ads or promotions, you can get your brand out there in the world for almost nothing. However, that is a privilege – not a right. We see a lot of social media pages that are hot messes – too many picture quotes in a row, fuzzy/blurry/confusing photos, captions that are run-on sentences with spelling or grammar errors, a profile description that doesn’t really say who you are and what you do. Three words for you – Clean. It. Up. You know when you see a social media page that’s well-branded. What can you do to get yourself and your side hustle in that place? We’ve always got some ideas, but some of it you’ll know yourself instinctively.  
  3. Is the experience, product, or service you talk about in advertising or promotion, the experience, product or service your customers get? There’s nothing like buying something online, and then getting it in the mail, and thinking – this sucks, and this isn’t what I thought it would be. If you talk on your website about being easy to reach or ‘let’s connect today’ and then you don’t get to their email or vm until 72 hours later, then – reality – you’re not easy to reach. People buy from brands that deliver. That absolutely applies to your side hustle, too.

This conclusion paragraph is really short, and it’s this: Your side hustle is a brand. Start positioning it like it.

And – plug! – join us on August 25.  



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