Ten Questions We Ask Every Side Hustle We Meet

Aug 21, 2018

We’re keeping it simple this week as we prep for our branding intervention designed specifically for side hustles.(Psst! It’s this Saturday!)

We meet and talk to a lot of entrepreneurs with side hustles. We hold a special place in our respective hearts for side hustles because we both know that experience personally.

It can be daunting trying to professionally brand your side hustle. So, here are the top ten q’s that we’re thinking through as we talk to side hustles. What’s great about them is you can think through them, too.  

  1. What are three words to describe the experience of working with your service or buying your product?
  2. Who are you trying to reach – and why? (Okay, that’s two questions in one.)
  3. What do customers buy from you – like, really buy from you? Is it your vision, your customer service, your quality, your convenience? Aside from the actual product or service, what are they buying from you?
  4. What’s the big goal – like, for the end of this month and, then, for the end of this year?
  5. What are two or three colors you want someone to associate with your brand?
  6. What are two or three ideas, concepts, or keywords you want someone to associate with your brand?
  7. How much do you plan your content in advance? Like, either your visual content on a platform like IG or a platform like your website’s blog?
  8. What is 110%-uniquely-you in this side hustle?
  9. What’s the photography dream – do you gravitate towards soft, dreamy, light colors or bright, bold, sharp images? (Or somewhere in between?)
  10. Why? Why the side hustle, why do you do what you do, and why should we buy from you?

Next step – look for trends or similarities in your answers. Good example – did you mention the words ‘imagination’ or ‘dream’ as keywords, and then soft, dreamy, light colors for your photography? You’ve got the making of a brand right there.

Now, drive all that forward with consistency and confidence.

Or – sign up for our branding intervention this weekend, and we’ll help you make sense of it all.



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