How to Find Your Brand’s Voice

Sep 11, 2018

Each brand deserves its own voice. Finding a brand’s voice can be tricky – and daunting.

So, here are five fun and easy steps to start shaping that voice.

  1. Make a list of the 10-12 special, keywords or phrases that just sum up the brand.
  2. Shape each word into a sentence that’s uniquely your brand. Think about whether the sentences are short or long; fun and casual; professional, sharp, or crisp; whimsical, creative, dreamy. (Totally stuck? Think about what you like to read – what’s the style or vibe of the words and sentence structures?)  
  3. Share them with your team – and get their thoughts as well as their keywords and sentences.
  4. Think about what keywords and sentence vibes overlap. What’s consistent about everyone’s keywords and sentences? Or how can you help someone rethink or re-shape their keywords or sentences to better fit the brand?
  5. Make sure everyone on your team – whether they’re client facing or not – has a list of 8-10 keywords and phrases, and why or how they matter to the brand. Give specific examples of how someone can use them as a power-play for the brand.


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