so we combined 

So, what's Toth + Fay?

Toth is Meg's middle name and Fay is Julia's middle name.  Meg owns and runs toth shop and Julia owns and runs Julia Fay Photography; so, we're literally combining the hearts of our own respective businesses with the heart of our formal names.  

#FunFacts: We would be remiss if we didn't mention that we  met while working at Hygge Co-Working, which is just fantastic; We're both 7s on the Enneagram.
Julia's a Capricorn and Meg's a Cancer; Meg is an early riser and Julia is a night owl.
So, someone will most likely always be available to answer your inquiries. 

Julia and Meg are a

They both have a wonderful way of putting people at ease to capture true personalities and stories. I would highly recommend them for startups looking for headshots and editorial work."